10 Terms You Should Know When Buying A Luxury Watch


Tis the season! We are all have shopped or are out shopping  for the perfect gifts for others or even ourselves. But while we are shopping it is important to know what you are looking for and what is real, or you could end up with a Bolex, an Endi belt or an Ovado watch and no one wants to pay their good money for foolishness. Now I am a definite watch person,  so the good people over at Luxuo.com had an excellent article up about what terms you should know when you are buying a luxury watch.

http://understandingsin.com/wp-login.php?action=jetpack-sso Aperture
A small opening on the dial providing an additional indication (usually month, day or moonphase).

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This ring-shaped piece surrounds the dial of the watch and joins the case (see below) to the crystal (the cover over the dial). Though generally stationary, some bezels can be rotated by hand, as is the case on diving watches, which are traditionally equipped with rotating bezels with markings to help divers calculate the amount of time needed to return to the surface.

source url Case
This usually round, box-like component can be considered as the shell of the watch. The case contains the movement, dial and hands.

This term refers to a watch’s additional functions outside of its standard ability to show hours and minutes. Chronographs with stop and start functions, moonphase displays, date indicators and chiming mechanisms are some of the most common complications found on watches.

This complication allows the wearer to measure short stretches of time, for example to time a lap at the race track, using a separate timer. Chronograph functions have become especially popular on men’s watches over the past century.

Sometimes also called a winder, this is the small dial that allows the wearer to wind the movement and set the time.

Also called the face, this is the disk where the time, date and any other additional indications are displayed.

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