A Quick Chat With @IamPopula About His name,His Music And ‘Vintage Frames and Fedoras’

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It takes a lot to break into this music game and if you are a NY artist, it seems like the mountain is harder to climb. But Brooklyn artist IamPopula is not trying to climb the mountain and follow the masses. He is trying to forge his own path. An artist, with a lot of ambition is not new, but an artist trying to climb the charts and change the world at the same time is definitely one to watch. We sat down with him for a few minutes to introduce him to the world and let people know who would be so bold as to be different with a name like “IamPopula”

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I am a Clinton Hill, Brooklyn Born genre less Artist that nobody knows and had the balls to name himself Iampopula !!!
Nah, lol I’m Junade Hassan I’ve always been different ever since a kid. I was the kid wearing MC hammer pants with two different but same style reebok classics with the strap. Weirdo yeah I know but I thought I was Kill’m !!!!

source How were you first exposed to music?
I was raised mainly by my mom, and she had us Singing along to Whitney and Little Micheal Early.

can you buy clomid at walmart Do you remember the first time you performed? Where was it and what was it for?
My first show was in 3rd Grade for Drug Day apart of the S.P.E.C.D.A program in the auditorium of P.S.20 in Fort Greene Brooklyn.

Your new single “Fedoras and Frames” brings back a more classic sound that is lacking among the constant 808’s we are hearing. What made you take it there?
I wanted to make a statement with my first ITunes release and the production just came to me that way. Kwame Brandt Pierce you hear him on the intro and see him in the video . He molded the sound of the album. The title came from Just wanting to set myself apart from what the general public thinks a rapper is, wears and talk about. I’m the type not to tell you I’m different, I’d rather show you.

Watch ‘Vintage’ here:

Tell us about the “Vintage Frames and Fedoras” EP. What can we expect from it sonically?
There are two versions actually. iTunes has 4 songs of the complete
project . The Full Album is 7 songs and is available exclusively on my Bandcamp, So the complete album is a visual album that me and my team worked on for the past yr. Sonically it’s synergy the way it comes together I didn’t even wanna put interludes it would’ve interrupted the flow.

What is your recording process like?

I’m usually alone or with one other person. I like solitude I like to be in my head just me and the beat.

When you are in the studio, how do you know a record is made for you?
I feel it. I make music off the energy the tracks gives me and what it says to me.

Watch “Cooler Than A Polar Bear”

Who are some artists you would like to work with in the future?
Andre 3000, Yeezus, JayZ, Jhene Aiko, Steve Wonder

What do you want the world to know about you and your music?
I come from a fear of being successful to doing independent organic events in my borough with a Live Rock band called TheInCrowd. I represent a collective in Bed-Stuy called the IndigoHippieCo. we do philanthropic events in our community for Kids and Artists and we have a mobile app on your Google play and iTunes App Store. And I plan on dropping 4 Albums this year all a different “genre.” So bear with me!!!

How can everyone keep in touch with you?
I’m an IG addict, my name is @iampopula on all social media
My website is now: www.iampopula.tv
For booking: Iampopula1@gmail.com

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