Artist Feature: K.O. Hip Hops Savior comes with “More Money” (@KAYDOTO631)

look at here By on in New artist

about his “More/what they want” is basically a middle finger to rappers that only sing & rap about money and forget about the people from the places they claim to come from & people that struggle everyday that need hope and a voice. Throughout the 1st hook saying “more money” mocking all you hear throughout these rappers songs. First verse is a trying to paint a picture where rappers arent only focused on money and bitches & they speak on real life people deal with everyday also asking why its easier to relate more with Bill o Reilly. Second verse is painting a picture where everyone has a voice then ending with the realization that tupac & jay z were saviors similar to the jesus story for bringing hope but people kicking them to the side because people want hear about “more money”.

More money

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