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buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk New York, NY-July 29, 2014– Blakbyrd Entertainment is pleased to announce the signing of singer/songwriter/reality TV star Syleena Johnson as well as the release of a brand new single and album.

Johnson and Blakbyrd kick off their new partnership with the release of her first official single “My Love.” Written and produced by Pierre “The Maven” Medor, “My Love” is the soulful lead single from her forthcoming album Chapter 6: Couples Therapy. “My Love” is available on iTunes today and can be heard here:

Featuring production by Kris “Kajun” Johnson, Medor and Ms. Johnson herself, Chapter 6: Couples Therapy chronicles the journey of the ins and outs of a relationship and everything in between. The album also has contributions from long time collaborators R.Kelly and DJ Wayne Williams. The writing and caliber of production combined with the Syleena’s superb vocal delivery, make this her most personal and powerful work to date.

Chapter 6: Couples Therapy is due to be released October 14, 2014.

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