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official site Blessed, original, risk-taking, and noble are some of the ways to describe Hip-Hop artist BornCipher, an emcee from Boston, who recently released the music video, “Dreamin About Money”, for a song off of his Born Flexin mixtape.

BornCipher’s career started with his childhood friend and partner in crime G. Dot. And then in 2011, the duo released their first mixtape, Fam Radio: Vol. 1, which subsequently caught the attention of Hip-Hop veteran, Edo.G. That cosmic union resulted in the 2014 album, Confidence Presents G. Dot & Born Featuring Edo.G, a true homage to classic boom bap. The premier video, “Making Tracks”, was an instant success with over 250,000 views to date, gaining worldwide recognition — leading to calls for BornCipher, G. Dot, and Edo.G to tour in France, Portugal and Switzerland.

IG: @god_born

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