#CertifiedFresh: Jo’zzy (@Dopebyaccident) “Kissing You” (Total Remix/Cover)

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source site We are starting a new “stamp” or support section if you will called #Certifiedfresh and this artist is the best way to kick off this section. So here we go:

http://danalynnthompson.com/?option=com_user Certain songs are classics. And by classic, we mean that they should not be touched (covered, remixed, anything) unless done right. Singer/Songwriter Jo’zzy gets it more than right with this cover of 90’s R&B group Total’s “Kissing You.”

Her voice is just soft enough and yet strong enough to pull off the tones of both Keisha and Pam who sang the original leads. Jo’zzy also adds some great harmonies and whether she intended to it not, she brings a hot sensuality to the record with an added airiness to her voice that shows itself at just the right times. The best part of the cover is that keeps all original elements of the record so you never feel like the record is going somewhere it isn’t. Get into it and jam with us. Satisfaction guaranteed and it is all the way #certifiedfresh

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