#CertifiedFresh: @RealSilasBlak – “Bus Stop” (@CabinGamesLLC)

Seattle’s own http://allinwatersports.com/?fh-u=595b11e0-430c-4e79-af8c-8b4b29b6931d Silas Blak is back with another new drop from his http://restartafrica.org/swg-merchandise/img_7044/ #BlakFriday series, “Bus Stop” via independent label, http://industrialhvacrservice.com/sg_blog_content/blog/feed.php?uniq=5a62431177f34 Cabin Games. The song captures his passion for true emceeing with his trademark abstract flow over a strong track from Kjell Nelson, and will appear on the upcoming #BlakFriday mixtape slated for release on June 26.




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