Dj Iceman Set To Release First Label Release-The Boom Bap Chronicles Vol 1

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Washingtons (By way of Brooklyn) Dj Iceman is set to release his first label EP “The Boom Bap Chronicles Vol 1” on December 22nd on Bittale Records. Bittale Records is a small record label out of Greece. “They heard some of my beats and wanted to sign me to an EP deal on the spot,i figured why not,i always wanted to get some exposure overseas.” says the 44 year old dj/beatmaker. the 33 year dj vetera is even more shocke because he only started making beats this year. ” I never thought anything like this would happen so soon,only because im still learning my craft”
The EP will be 7 tracks long with a few beats that have already been released on his website and a few unreleased beats. it will be released on Bittale Records Bandcamp page CHECK OUT THE PROMO VID FOR “THE BOOM BAP CHRONICLES VOL 1” You can follow Dj Iceman Via his various social media outlets
Big Boss Beatz FB page
go site And you can buy or lease any of his beats from his Big Boss Beatz Website

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