Duke – “Out Of My Head”

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Being born in Brooklyn on the border of Bed Stuy and Crown Heights, Duke surely has the intensity normally associated with such MCs from this area. Duke grew up and honed his rap skill on Franklin Ave rapping and recording with his peers. It wasn’t long before the neighborhood associated him with a dope rhyme and an intriguing song.

Duke signed with Chopper’s Beat Warehouse in April 2014 and moved to Los Angeles, California in March to complete his 1st LP being produced by the legendary Ali Malek. These two amassed over 20 album/radio quality records in just over a month of recording. This duo recorded countless songs and hooks over the years and now’s the time for harvest. A very bountiful harvest for hungry hip-hop ears young and old.
 Prior to signing and working with Ali Malek and Chopper’s Beat Warehouse, he worked with another legendary MC/Producer Granddaddy IU. IU took notice of Duke’s ability with words and rhythm at around 16 yrs old.

Standing and going rhyme for rhyme with some very well known rappers of the day (and currently) Duke showed what the life and times of Brooklyn was creating. Duke is what Brooklyn breeds when Brooklyn breeds to dominate.

Life forced Duke to live in many different places and his content and delivery reflect them all. He spent summers in his father’s hometown of Anacostia, SE D.C. It is here where he developed an ear for beatmaking and lived for more than a decade. Childhood summers also took him to rural GA. It wasn’t until much later in life how very influential the Georgia experience would be on him and rap music as a whole.

Prepare yourself for a PURE rap artist.

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