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visit this site Eddie Stubbles was born on the mean streets of Detroit, Michigan during the Jimmy Carter Administration. Eddie Stubbles had no siblings and never met his father.

His mother worked two jobs, so that allowed Stubbles the freedom to build an alliance with the neighborhood favorites. Eventually, that would ultimately land Stubbles in a Juvenile Facility. Upon release, Stubbles linked up with a local Rapper that went by the name Motsi Ski, from a popular rap group called Detroit’s Most Wanted.

Stubbles made his debut in 1996 on the Detroit’s Most Wanted Album entitled Ghetto Drama. He listened to artist like Jay Z, Scarface, and Rakim for inspiration. Eddie Stubbles and Motsi Ski opened up shows for artist such as Biggie Smalls, MC Breed, Above The Law and Too Short.

In 2000, Eddie linked up with his cousin Joseph “Gov” Flowers, and formed a record label called Double Barrell Records that would later produce an ultimate rap group called The Outfit which would include Eddie, Motsi Ski, and Slo Smiff.

The rap group The Outfit was considered to be a spin off chapter of the rap group Detroit’s Most Wanted. Since the two other original members got signed to MC Hammer, at the height of MC Hammer’s career. The Outfit debut album featured artist such as 2pac, B-legit, CPO and Yuk Mouth. Which went on to sell over 5,000 units. ” Gov” introduced Eddie to Ali Malek in 2001 in New York. Ultimately, ” Gov” would be incarcerated Almost Immediately, Eddie Stubbles would independently, purchase his own studio equipment, and begin working on his solo career.

By recording countless new records, uploading video’s on YouTube, doing shows and features With artist such as Big Herk from a Detroit based group called Rock Bottom Onto Boldly James , a new artist that Nas recently signed. Eddie Stubbles and Ali Malek lost contact with each other until one day in 2016, someone posted a picture of Joseph ” Gov” Flowers on Facebook, and Eddie commented on it. Stubbles wrote Free Gov and Ali Malek saw the comment. Then Ali Malek immediately contracted Eddie and flew him out to LA that following week and the rest is history.


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