Fresh Interview: Ceiz (@CEIZ201) Has A Story To Tell

NJ rapper Ceiz has a story to tell. Raised in NJ, Jersey City to be exact, Ceiz used hip-hop to save his life. He made it his passion and has been making some major noise out of the Garden State. While, Jersey emcees tend to be overlooked and underrated, Ceiz is not only conquering the naysayers but he is winning fans and finding allies in the DJs. He was gracious enough to give us a few minutes to introduce himself to us and give our readers an intro to Jersey’s Hot New Emcee.

resource Tell our readers who you are.
I go by the name of Ceiz, Born and raised in Jersey City, student of the culture of hiphop, a lyricist, song writer and just a well rounded artist trying to make an imprint in the game and put on for my city.

informative post How did you get started in the music game?
I got my start in hip-hop after losing my mom to an ongoing fight of cancer when I was 11. Pretty much desperation and anger with no answers forced me to write down my feelings. From there I started writing songs, (not knowing how to count bars). Growing up in Jersey City if you spit you had to battle other local artist so myself and my friend “Face” would go to dudes blocks and battle. We battled in school and anywhere we could to let people know we was the best. So my introduction into hip-hop wasn’t a good one but it turned into something that changed and probably saved my life.

Your first single is a hard club banger called “What You Came For?”
Yeah “What You Came For” is a banger. The beat is produced by 2 of the most talented producers in the game, Buda da Future and Grandz Muzik. Right now I got the support of a lot of DJ’s in Jersey City spinning it in a few clubs so we just going to continue to push the single.


Coming out of Jersey is very hard for hip hop. What do you think you bring to the game?
I think I’m a good mixture of lyricist and songwriter. I’ve figured out how to balance the two. You got some artists who are straight lyricist and can spit crazy but can’t make a song, then you have some who can make a song but their lyrics are trash or crazy dumbed down. Also some artist are scared to do different types of music. I try to bare it all when I make music and always try to be versatile and not stick to one lane. It’s not too many artists that can do that and do it well and that’s what makes me different, I’m not scared to be me or an artist..

What can we expect on your forthcoming project?
You can expect to be taken on a ride and be entertained. You’re gonna party, you’re gonna laugh, you’re gonna feel my pain and you’re gonna understand me as an artist and a person. I give you a little bit of everything but at the end your going to love it and respect my work.

Who are some artists that have inspired you?
Some artists that inspire me is Jay Z, first and foremost, he’s my favorite artist, Nas, 50 cent, Biggie, Jadakiss and a couple others. I’m also inspired by some of the local artist from Jersey like Ransom who’s a crazy lyricist from Jersey City, Hitchcock who taught me a lot, My boy Face who in my opinion is one of the most talented slept on artist from Jersey City and Joe Budden is dope. I’m die hard Jersey.

How do you feel about the current state of hip hop?
I think hip-hop is where it’s suppose to be and certain music is for certain people. I hate when people say they are bringing hip-hop back, How? Hip-hop has changed and continues to evolve and we have to accept it for what it is right now and try to put our own signature on it. I don’t listen to most of the music that’s out right now, but it is what it is. I still love hip-hop, the culture and where it is and where it will go in the future.

Name five producers or artists that you would like to work with?
Artists I would love to work with is Pusha T, Jay of course, Mya (My secret crush) and Nas. Producers? I want to work with Buda and Grandz again, Timbaland, Swizz Beatz and Dre (I know that’s more then 5)

What’s next for you?
What’s next, is just to continue the grind and get my name out there till Jersey is recognized for the talent that it has.

What would you like the world to know about you?
I want the people to know I’m the real deal. I really love hip-hop and I’m serious and passionate about my music and the music that I put out. I’m here to stay

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