Fresh Interview: @MoneyKarlo, Talks Loving Atlanta, New Music and What’s Next

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Atlanta is churning out artists left and right. A dominant force in hip-hop for years now, ATL has been the incubator for several musicians, singers and producers. Enter rapper and producer Money Karlo. A veteran on the production side who has come into his own as an artist. A blender of genres, it is easy to notice his style and the sounds he cultivates that can fit into many musical spaces.  His new project cheap online pharmacy for Lamictal Pandemic Music is out now and we caught up with him to learn about him …but we are already fans.

buy viagra cheapest price First of all, thank you for talking to us. Introduce yourself to the world. Who is Money Karlo?

Money Karlo represents the luxuries in life and I am bringing you the future of music.

Proscalpin with no rx Most of the world knows you as a producer, how did you start your journey in the music business?

I first got in the game in 2000 with a regional hit “Walk Like a Soldier” by 404 Soldiers ft. Rasheeda. This gave me the taste of the artist side of things. But shortly after that, I gained interest in producing music and making hit records. After I perfected my craft, I got a manager by the name of Quebo Gold, who is Polow Da Don’s brother. He introduced me to all the top artists at that time, from Outkast to Three 6 Mafia to the Attic Crew and Pastor Troy. A month later, I became the in-house producer for Pastor Troy at the peak of his career. After I became Pastor Troy in-house producer, I produced two records on his Universal released album, “By Any Means Necessary” and thus began my journey in the music business.

Atlanta has been dominating the music industry for the past few years. How does Atlanta inspire you?

I am Atlanta. I was born and raised here. I was in the game before Atlanta was hot, so I feel like I’m obligated to bring out heat in my city.

Growing up, what artists did you listen to?

I listened to NWA, Wu Tang Clan, Outkast, E-40, Tupac, Biggie, Scarface and underground Detroit music.

Tell us about your single “Money Bags,” what inspired the record?

“Money Bags” is about my daily grind. This is what I do every day, it’s about real life. This song was designed to inspire people to get money.

Pandemic Music is out now. What can listeners expect when the buy your project?

The album is very diverse. They can expect to hear many different genres from pop, hip-hop, inspirational and real life circumstances. Just like the title it’s Pandemic! It’s music that will affect the world.

What are some of your favorite tracks on the album?

Well I love the whole album, but my personal favorites are “Good Day,” “Smash,” “Money Bags,” ‘If I Want To” and “Everything Gone Be Alright,” which includes Grammy Award winner Anne Nesby.

Tell us about Mista Monsta music and your team?

Mista Monsta is my production/recording studio company. I have a team of some of the best producers, writers, film editors and engineers in the world. We offer studio recordings for major and independent artists. Our sound is new and innovative. We are the sound that the music industry has been looking for.

What has been your favorite artistic moment thus far?

When I produced the B-side single for the Shop Boys, during the “Party Like A Rockstar” movement. I had the B-side single called, “Totally Dude”. Producing this record made me step out the box and do something different because it had a rock feel. This is when I started exploring new genres and perfecting my new sound.

If you could work with any five artists or producers, who would they be?

Drake, Jay-Z, Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkston, and Ludacris

How do we keep up with everything Money Karlo? or on twitter and Instagram @MoneyKarlo

Watch “Money Bags” here:



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