Fresh Interview: Singer/Songwriter Jermaine Crawford (@Jermzcrawford) Talks to SA2Fresh

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Jermaine Crawford is no stranger to the spotlight. At the tender age of 12 he was playing “Dukie” on the legendary TV show, “The Wire.” While he made huge headway on the the TV show, his first love has always been music. Now at the age of 21, Jermaine is more than ready to show people who he is an an a musician, an artist and a man. We caught up with Jermaine who was gracious enough to answer a few questions about his craft, his beginnings and his new project. The project may be called where can i buy viagra in edmonton Underdog (which is available on datpiff NOW) but he is not an artist you should underestimate.

For readers that do not know you, please tell our readers who you are?

My name is Jermaine Crawford, I’m a singer/actor born in Prince George’s County, Maryland. A lot of people are familiar with my work from The Wire on HBO, however it’s time to show the world a completely different side of me.

buy Lyrica in dubai Most people who do know you remember you from “The Wire,” how did you transition into singing?

Well honestly I was a singer first. My dad was a deacon in our church growing up. He was also the leader of praise of worship, he’s a phenomenal singer. I definitely got my gift of song from my father. It’s through music that I fell in love with acting. I began doing musical theatre around 6 or 7 years old. In musical theatre, if you didn’t sing dance and act, you probably didn’t get casted. So I learned at a young age how to flip the script.

follow url Tell us about your first exposure to music.

My first exposure to music would definitely be my experiences growing up in church; performing on stage, dancing in the church aisles, harassing the band players to let me hop on the drums or the keys. Keep in mind I was 4 – lol

When did you start writing original music?

I began writing my own original music around 3 or 4 years ago. I’ve always written poetry growing up because it was such a great way to express myself. I didn’t have many friends growing up so I would always write. It wasn’t until about 4 years ago that I began honing the actually skill of writing and producing records.

Jermaine Crawford

Do you remember the first time you went on stage? Where and what was it?

I honestly was way too young to remember my first time on stage, but I’m told it was pretty cool lol. I do remember my first solo performance outside of the church choir. I performed at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington D.C. I performed the song “Who’s Lovin’ You” by the Jackson 5. That will always be one of the greatest moments of my life because it was then that my addiction for performance was ignited.

Talk about your first single “Janet.” What was the inspiration behind that?

Well of course Janet Jackson lol. But more specifically her phenomenal production that I’ve been inspired by over the years. My favorite producers are Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, so my single Janet was a tribute, an ode to the style of music they created and that I love. Of course there was some personal influence regarding a woman I just couldn’t get over but whatever I’m 21. Sh*t will always happen, it’s just my job to write about it. *laughs*

Explain the title of your EP “Underdog.”

I named my first project Underdog because I believe it was the closest thing to a self-titled project as possible. I feel so looked over at times. I know that I have a gift that can impact music. I believe God placed a serious gift inside of me. Sometimes in you’re the only one who will see or get the vision. This project is for anyone who feels similar. Anyone who is fighting for their dreams, anyone who feels misunderstood. This one is for the go getters, the loners, the cool kids. You see: there is an underdog inside every single one of us.

Musically, who are you listening to write now?

I listen to anything that’s substantial. Specifically: Drake, Kendrick, Kanye, Jay-Z, TGT. Recently I’ve been playing a lot of Luther Vandross and Whitney Houston for some odd reason, I’m just in a ballad kind of mood these days lol

Given that most people do know you as an actor, what do you want people to know about you musically?

I want people to know that “I am here”. I want people to know that I’m next.

What are your goals for your music?

My goals for my music are to impact and change the entire world.

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