Fresh News: Chris Brown Suspected In Misdemeanor Battery In Las Vegas


Just when we thought Chris Brown was getting it back together and getting his life on track for fatherhood, it seems that trouble is once again at his door step once again.

buy clomid uk pct According to TMZ:

Chris Brown is accused of brawling with another guy early Monday morning during a basketball game in Las Vegas — and police have named him a suspect for battery.

The altercation went down at the Palms Casino Resort — according to police … Chris was playing hoops at 3:42 AM and at some point he got into an argument with one of the guys playing — and allegedly punched him. The pickup game was being played in the famous useful reference Hardwood Suite … where Chris was staying.

Police responded to the scene, but didn’t talk to Brown when they got there.

Cops say Chris now has 2 options: either sign a citation for misdemeanor battery, and agree to show up in court to face the charge — OR take his chances with the D.A … who would decide whether to press charges.

TMZ broke the story … Brown just settled a lawsuit over another fight during a pickup basketball game in an L.A. gym.

But he also dodged a major bullet — if the Vegas fight had happened before Chris got off probation in the Rihanna case — back in March — he could be going back to jail.

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