Fresh Sounds: Visto (@itsVisto) Releases “Before Euphoria” Album + Q&A

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It’s finally here! Singer/Songwriter/Rapper and all around artist Visto has released his free album “Before Euphoria” (which you can download on by 368 Music Group. We recently caught up with Visto and asked him a few questions about who he is, what goals he has and what exactly “Before Euphoria” means…

source Tell us how you got started musically? 

I started making music in my teen years dealing with various go-go bands in the DMV area, but I’ve always been around music as my family is very much engulfed in music. I had a studio in my house when I was 7 so you know I’ve always watched and admired the art of recording as it is truly an art form. You are becoming known for direct and in some cases raunchy lyrics. What gives you the bravado to write lyrics?

I don’t think there is a sense of bravado, it’s just me being honest. My knowledge of self is what makes me careless in song. Foul words can be made beautiful. After all, the ugly us is still the true us.

watch Your first two singles deal with sex but from two different point of view. So at the end of the day which one is more Visto?

Both are equally me. These songs were made at two different points of my life. I try to make music that’s relatable. I grow every day, but I may make a song from an experience 6 years ago. As long as I’m honest, I think people can relate.

Explain the title of your forthcoming project “Before Euphoria?”

“Before Euphoria” is the storm before the calm. It was a collective effort that myself, Q Corbitt (project A&R), Tyler Lefebvre (master engineer), every producer, featured artist, and my team put together to show my versatility. The sound is diverse but unified, just as every talent involved in putting it together. It is me, but just a sample of what I’m capable of, so “Before Euphoria” is the buzz before the high. It’s to say that me, my Hippie Life Krew, and my 368 Music Group (CCCLXVIII) fam are here to stay.

What do you want the world to know about Visto?

I would love for the world to know that I am an artist that would die for the sake of creation. That I honestly just want to make music that people can enjoy. To be invested in music. I want the world to know that I care most about helping others & unification. Genuine togetherness.

To hear more from Visto, download his free album “Before Euphoria” here.

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