#FreshInterview: Jo’zzy Tells Us Why She Is DopebyAccident (@DopebyAccident)

Memphis native and BMG recording artist Jo’zzy is brand new and familiar all at the same time. The newcomer is aiming to bring that feel good R&B that is lacking in today’s music industry. Confident and talented, Jo’zzy is poised to change the face of music. After a few years behind the scenes, she came out with a banger “Tryna Wife” feat. Mase and Timbaland and made it clear that she is not the average new artist. We had the pleasure of catching up with her to talk about her music, her connection to Missy Elliot and what makes her DopeByAccident.

First and foremost, please let everyone know how you got your name.
My artist name is Jo’zzy aka Dopebyaccident. The Jo’zzy part of my name, is the name my mom gave me growing up my real name is Jocelyn, and she abbreviated and called me Jo’zzy. I use to hate the name. Dopebyaccident came about because I did something dope in the studio and my friend was like “oh you’re just dopebyaccident huh”? LOL

Now most people do not know that you have several writing credits. How did you get your official start in the music industry?
Well before Wizz Dumb and working with Timbaland, I was working in Memphis at the Traphouse studios. That’s where all the southern rappers came when they were in the city and recorded like Rocko, Yung Joc, and Trina. I got linked up with Wizz and moved to Miami around mid-2011 and started to work in the camp and building with Dumbdrumbs

You cite Missy Elliot as one of your idols. What about her inspired you? Also what was it like to work with her?
Everything about Missy inspires me. Her work ethic is just amazing. It’s almost like watching Jordan or Kobe in practice, not in the game. She made songwriters get respect. You knew she wrote that song, and she broke a lot of female artist careers. That’s just the songwriting side of Missy.

What was the best lesson you learned from Missy?
The best lesson I’ve learned from Missy would be ‘never be afraid to say no to a beat you don’t like.’ In the 90’s, it was her and Timbaland, with me its myself and Wizz Dumb. I pride myself on being able to write to anything; even if I don’t like the beat. Missy helped me to realize it’s ok to say, “I don’t like this beat” and challenge the producer to make another one. That helped me a lot.

Musically what inspires you?
90’s R&B inspires me the most. Just the topics, the melodies artists used in that era drives me to go in the studio all night long and drop a song for lovers of R&B.

You are part of a team known as The DumbDrums. What is your role in the team?
Yesssir! Wizz is the captain of Dumbdrumbs and I’m the star! LOL….but seriously Wizzz makes the beats, and I’m the writer and vocal arranger. But, DumbDrumbs is way more than music. It’s really a crew that loves anything having to do with the “culture”.

Describe Jo’zzy’s sound.
It’s futuristic combined with 90’s, giving you #twenty90srnb

Let’s talk about your single ‘Tryna Wife.” Where did the concept come from?
The concept came from my homeboys in Memphis. They would always say funny things like “Girl u need to let me be your date to the Grammys, Imma wife you up” “You can work I’ll just chill”. They’re playing, of course, when they say it, but it made me think some men really do feel that way. Today roles have slightly changed, the woman is bringing home the bacon. So now men don’t mind “Tryna Wife” you down to come up.

Listen to “Tryna Wife”

How was it working with Timbaland and Mase?
Timbo structured ‘Tryna Wife.’ At first I had longer verses and Tim is big on repetition. The more you say something, the people will catch on. He made the song doper and Mase bodied the verse. He definitely showed he still has it.

What can we expect from Jo’zzy and her forthcoming album?
A doper sound, every single, with a nostalgic sound. I’m gonna make you remember a time where you could bob a certain way like you did when you heard Total’s “Trippin” or Nicole Wray “Make It Hot” but modernize for today.

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