#FreshInterview: @PricelessALLDay Talks Value, DJ Enuff Co-sign, and Giving Listeners A “Sneak Preview”

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Rappers today are so focused on being young, fly and flashy that they forget to be classic. NY rapper/producers buy canadian Premarin PricelessAllDay is not one of those rappers. Fresh off the release of his mixtape my latest blog post Sneak Preview,  and preparing for the release of his album, he is not just focused on following the trends or making the hit record of 2014. PricelessALLDay is focused on crating his own lane, his own sound and feeding the new fans he gains daily. We had a few moment with him and it was worth it to see the artist with great talent and a great personality get his shot.

First and foremost, please let our readers know, who is PricelessALLDay? 

PricelessAllday is an open book. I am many different stories from growing up in a place like NYC. I’ve seen it all and done most all of it. My story is one that’s relatable to anyone who came from a struggle with no choice but to win. I lost my brother to leukemia within my trials to win in this business, and since that day, it has been my purpose to fulfill our legacy of me becoming a household name in this music industry.

How did you actually come up with your stage name and what do you think it says about you?

My original stage name was just Priceless. Me and my brother had a code of conduct which was loyalty over everything, which later developed in to my phrase #StayLoyalLiveRoyal or #SLLR. When thinking about a name that had meaning, I chose Priceless out of a dozen names because it stood for exactly what we preached. Loyalty over royalties, never being able to be bought out. I added the “Allday” because of the overuse of the Priceless name. I used it as a way to separate myself from the confusion with me and other artists that use the name.

Not only are you a rapper, but you are also a producer who produces some of his own music. How do you make sure that your sound stays unique and what challenges does that present?

When it comes to my recording and production process, my technique is to not listen to any music within my genre or close to it while I’m working on my project. As artists, we seem to be influenced by popular records to the point where it can affect the direction of a record. If you listen to my project, you will see that it has no influence of any popular sounds out right now, only original material.  

Listen to “All My Life” feat. Pretty Lou

When it comes to your music, what inspires you?

I’m inspired by my struggle. Each and everyday that I see my mother struggle, one of my family members, one of my homies, I’m inspired to do better! I know that a lot of people could benefit in a positive way from my success so I am motivated by our struggle. I am here to change lives for the better! 

With NY hip-hop and hip-hop in general going in several different directions, what do you think makes you stand out?

What makes me different is my music and my personality. I come from NY were its hard to be yourself and be accepted, personally I don’t care for selling myself to people. I am what you see, its either your gonna love me or not, I’m authentic. As far as my music, what separates me is that my music cannot be boxed into a particular sound. Its not only boom bap, its not only southern driven, I don’t follow trends… I use the beat as a platform for you to pay attention to what I’m saying. I think a lot of artist in my city are in a place where they are trying to figure out what sound is popular, and go for that instead of being ahead of the curve and setting the next trending sound for the near future. That’s who I am.

You have worked with several key artists on the production side. Do you have any fun stories or moments that stuck out?

I think one of my more personal moments was when we worked with Junior Mafia. Talking to Lil Cease about his days on the road with Biggie Smalls was something to be remembered. To talk with someone who lived through hip hop history with an artist like B.I.G, that every brooklynite, looks up to was epic.

As a consumer, what are you listening to right now?

Besides myself?? LOL Nah, I’m in tuned with all the new music, but I’m mostly listening to Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, Eminem, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, and those type of artist that make albums that are not full of radio records. I like to hear stories, I like to get to know the artist through the music.

Tell us about your DJ Enuff connection.

DJ Enuff is one of the dudes in this game I really have a lot of respect for. He isn’t like most of these industry cats that are all about the money they can make off you, or all about the trends. He is a dude that respects real talent so for him to give me his co-sign is huge for my career. Its big for me, being that one of the artist Enuff was very influential in breaking was Kanye West.. so with that being said, to be recognized by him is a big deal for me. We worked together hand-in-hand on my mixtape. He came by, listened to the project and got involved on the spot! Shout out to the Big Homie and the Heavy Hitters foreal. 

With Sneak Preview on the way, what can we expect to hear?

Your gonna laugh, your gonna dance, your gonna feel pain, and all of my exes are gonna write blogs about me LMAO! I’m really personal with my music, so I do name names. I express everything through my projects, and that’s why all of my albums and mixtapes are named after some form of movie reference. My first project is Sneak Preview. My next one is called “My Movie” which is already half complete. I want the world to look back on Sneak Preview in 5 years and say wow this dude was ahead of his time. So with that being said, you can expect to her the future. I’m not looking to be your one hit wonder, I wanna be great!

What should your fans and the world know about PricelessALLday?

I want my fans and the world to know that I work hard for their support. I want them to know that I’m not an artist that will thank record labels and staff and janitors before them, because without that support, there would be no record labels, and staff etc. I feel some artist don’t appreciate they’re fans enough, I’m here to show each and everyone of my fans and supporters that I do this for them! My #HollaBackMob #AllMYLIFE I love yall foreal! #pricelessAllday

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