#FreshMusic: The Blancos (@TheBlancosMusic) “Say Goodnight” (Audio)

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Say Goodnight Artwork (The Blancos)

Still going strong after the release of the ‘Heartless Romantic EP’, their debut project, Brooklyn-based indie duo The Blancos present their newest release “Say Goodnight”. The track is gritty and aggressive, with a sort of subconscious undertone of “superhero” music. Obviously that alone does not qualify as a genre of music, but let’s be honest. Are you saying you can’t see the Dark Knight himself cruising to this? The menacing bass line that’s been reworked to fit in Hans Zimmer’s sound bank is the standout element – that and the vocal of course.

The record serves as an ode to all that has transpired thus far for Blanco 1 and Blanco 2, and all the love they’ve been receiving from fans across the globe for the EP and their refreshing indie/hip-hop sound. Entirely self-produced, “Say Goodnight” is aiming to be the gateway to bigger and better releases for the second half of this year. Check out their new track after the jump and see why the sky’s the limit for “The Blancos”

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