The Ghetto Nerd releases new EP, Parenthood

Not wanting to present the same type of content he had in the past, Detroit native can you buy Lyrica over the counter The Ghetto Nerd has found new inspiration in his everyday life as a father and family man. Composing clean family friendly songs that he could enjoy listening to with his own children, the Ghetto Nerd has widen his target market with tracks like “ where can i buy viagra in gauteng Baby Using the Bathroom” and “ cheap generic synthroid Chucky Cheezes,” which directly speak to the EP’s main theme, focus, and family friendliness. This EP is definitely unique. Most will find that the content is very different from what is currently being played and broadcasted in the media. Highlighting the many emotional phases of parenthood, as told from the perspective of this loving dad who describes parenting as a blend of fun, and stressful.  Check out the track-list for Parenthood and streaming link below.



Track 1- Baby Using the Bathroom

Track 2- Chucky Cheezes

Track 3- Oh Yeah

Track 4- I Don’t Know

Track 5- Slammin’ Doors

Track 6- How to Be a Man

Track 7- I’m Going Crazy

Track 8- I Know

Track 9- Most Beautiful Sound

Listen Here

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