KeKe Palmer Defies “Labels” With “I Don’t Belong To You” get modafinil prescribed uk By on in Lifestyle, Music

Gay, Straight, Bi we are not sure if any of it matters but it seems like actress and singer KeKe Palmer is causing quite a stir in the mainstream media with her video for “I Don’t Belong To You.” Though the video is a couple of months old, it seems to be sparking conversation about sexuality labels and young women who are choosing not to be defined by them. The video shows a very sexy KeKe leaving the bed of her male love interest, played by fellow actor and singer Rotimi (“Power”) and ends with her hooking up with the always seductive Cassie, not a bad choice by any standards. Now, KeKe has not said that video is autobiographical, so don’t go speculating, but even it it is…she made it clear that she doesn’t belong to anyone so she can do as she pleases with whom she pleases.

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