Married To My Hustle Hot Or Hoax?


This writer recently attended the Married to My Hustle Concert Series  on December 21st, 2014 at Balckthorn 51 in Flushing,Queens NYC Hosted By Dacor Capone and Miss Irie Of Bootedout Ent and Beautiful Mess respectively. The concert  promoted Cory Gunz of Young Money  as the headlining act with opening and featured acts from local artist of note such as Kony Brooks and Teddy Grahams. Upon entering the venue however it was very apparent this event was poorly organized and promoted cause a concert that should have had a line out the door and around the corner being that Cory Gunz was the listed as the headlining act was relatively empty save the scattered performers roaming around awaiting their chance to take the stage. As the night went on no more than 30 or so attendees came through the door including Cory Gunz and his Kriminal Minded Entourage. Cory was apparently upset at the poor turn out the promoters had produced for him but never one to disappoint fans took the stage none the less before departing immediately after spitting his feature verse with Featured artist Chuck Platinum. Revealing that not only was he falsely promoted as a Headlining act in hopes of attracting a larger crowd,but he wasn’t even going to do a short set for the crowd.   The night took an unexpected turn for the worse when I became aware that in a club with drugs and alcohol floating around there was a minor child on the bill to perform. At this point I was so disgusted I had to take a breather being a father I couldn’t stand that. I lingered around to watch The performance of the artist I’d come to support and I departed with mixed feelings about the night.

Overall I was disappointed with the poor presentation of the concert. Minus the Minor on the bill  hanging out in a club Full of foul language, drugs and alcohol, The performance rotation was sloppy and poorly organized. The event its self was poorly promoted and presented and there’s an argument for false advertisement seeing as Cory was only present to perform a verse on a song he was featured on and not actually the headliner. Highlights of the night Included a Cypher where Teddy Grahams, Coola Bugatti, and Kony Brooks shined really hard showing of their individual lyrical prowess, Just Real gave the ladies a Phenomenal performance crooning his own hits, and Marz the Lady Lover gave a surprisingly Deep performance showing off lyrical skill many doubted he possed outside of writing love songs performing a ballad called Getting Over and an Anthem to His hometown Wicker Park he wowed the lil crowd that was present with commanding stage presence. Very hard to do following a live performance from Coola Bugatti who was debuting new tracks from his upcoming mixtape Lee Havery Dent 2wo Face. Hopefully The promoters can get  it together so artist can get their money’s worth next time cause personally as an artist myself I’m only Glad I didn’t pay for a slot in this foolery. Post show I was informed that Reoccurring sponsor Ivanabitch Vodka Removed it’s brand as a sponsor for the concert after learning through their Ambassador Marz The Lady Lover that minors were present in the club while the liquor brand was being promoted where it has been the last 2 months prior and is often advertised at the bar. After what I witnessed and given the Complaints I’ve heard I’m not really surprised sadly.

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