@MusicChoice Exclusive: @BibiBourelly_ Talks Explicit Song Lyrics & Industry Standards

German singer/songwriter Bibi Bourelly is signed to Def Jam Recordings and currently based in Los Angeles. She is the writer (or co-writer) of several notable songs including Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” and “Higher” and Nick Brewer’s “Talk to Me.” Bourelly is featured on tracks like Lil Wayne’s “Without You”, and Usher’s “Chains”. She also released two singles in 2015 (“Riot” and “Ego”) in preparation for the release of her debut studio album later in 2016. She sits down with Music Choice for an unapologetic interview about explicit song lyrics and industry standards.

buy Keppra in canada propranolol mail order On Explicit Song Lyrics:

“I think that I’m grateful for the disapproval, for anybody who’s facing disapproval right now, I think I’m grateful for the disapproval that I felt throughout my life. It wasn’t complete rejection ever. I was always cared and loved for, but you know I didn’t f**ing fit in…and I’m grateful for that now because I’ve gotten to the point now where I really genuinely have no problem like doing me. You know what I mean?…Freedom of expression, how important it is…that’s everything! That’s what art is. That’s what music is…that’s what it, it’s meant you know it’s meant to do…and if you take freedom of expression from an artist, your’e taking their art…right? It’s not theirs anymore. I care if I upset people obviously because that’s not my intention, right?! My intention is to solely express how I feel. I can’t compromise the truth and what’s in my brain and how I feel because I offend people…that’s a contradiction.”

On Industry Standards:

“I wasn’t able to conform to the “industry standards”…I was like f**k yall. This is who I am. The f**k? Like I’m not tryna f**king be like you just cause you want me to be like you…you weirdo! Like I wanna do what the f**k I love and what I do!! And why can’t, why can’t, why can’t I be great at what I do? Why can’t I be myself and be awesome? Why?!”

On “Bubblegum” Pop Music:

“No…Not not F you to “bubblegum” pop music…I’m not no popstar. I don’t see myself as a popstar. I don’t see myself as an entertainer because guess what world? I don’t exist to entertain you. I exist…I am a new breed. No not even new breed of artists because there have been artists like this in the world. I don’t think there’s very many out right now that f**king will say this s**t, but I don’t exist to entertain you. I exist to interpret you and to make art for you to enjoy.”


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