New Artist: Elijah Hosein (@Elijah_Hosein) “Below The Moon”

Good music comes from the soul and it invokes a feeling that lasts a lifetime. Like the time when you heard your favorite song for the first time. You remember everything down to the very minute detail, where you were, who you were with and exactly what you were doing when you heard your favorite track? This is exactly how the 21yr old Brooklyn singer/songwriter Elijah Hosein felt the first time he listened to his first “Michael Jackson” CD as he found his love of music at the tender age of 5 years old. Elijah found inspiration in Michael Jackson’s music as he played it religiously and sang along to. Michael Jackson opened his eyes and has inspired him ever since. can you buy viagra with paypal “[He is] the reason I do music” says Elijah

With a strong passion for R&B music, and a desire to touch people with his music, within 5 years, Elijah sees himself making a HUGE mark in the industry. With hard work and devotion, he plans on honing his craft and building the foundation for longevity within the industry. With a new project in the works Elijah has been diligently in the studio working on new music. Under the guidance of his management team “The Trifekta Group”, Elijah gives the people his first offering buy canadian synthroid “Below The Moon” the type of song that has that nostalgic sound and is a break from the monotony of what’s currently dominating the airwaves and the internet. Elijah plans to give the industry and his fans good music without gimmicks or bells and whistles. The combination of Elijah’s good looks, and incredible voice will help Elijah become a force to be reckoned with. We would like to formally introduce you to Elijah Hosein and his new single “Below The Moon”

“So baby let’s go It isn’t that dangerous/ cuz baby I know this life was made for us
So baby let’s go keep it between me and you. Yeah what we do below the moon”
– Elijah Hosein “Below The Moon”

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