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Sometimes life can get extremely real; one minute you’re up the next minute you’re down. Life sometimes can be really unfair! Case and point with the penal system, the people who really need to be locked up aren’t and people who don’t deserve to be behind bars are free! “The World’s F*cked up Ray Charles can see, how Lil Boosie locked up and Casey Anthony free” (S/O To Boosie finally coming home) say’s Texas emcee G-Jet (who actually wrote this track months ago and is happy the homie is home) in his new heat rock “Casey Anthony”. On Jet’s latest offering he talks about all of the injustices in his life, his community and the world. G-Jet tackles (and keeps it 100) the question how can kid killer get off and Lil Boosie get’s locked up for some Bullsh*t?  This song is all about real life struggles and situations! Checkout this new track by G-Jet “Casey Anthony” narrate

Also if you’re in SXSW and want to check out G-Jet here are his show dates:
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