@NoHeadliner – “Second Wind: Pt 2.”

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еxplore http://www.cirossewer.com/72538-buy-paxil.html No Headliner are a Philadelphia Hip Hop/Neo Soul songwriting and performing duo, consisting artists, Jeide Prince & Chev V. Kaang. Noted for their unique sound and performances, often referenced as reminiscent of Outkast (by audience members and contemporaries alike), they professes in musical & lyrical aptitude that engages across the generational gap often associated with Hip Hop’s MC culture. Their music does not boast of what one may typically expect from artists categorized as “rappers”; rather their content, delivery, encouraging crowd interactivity and even dapper image reflects a group whose mission statement is not only that of fun and overall good times, but a professional and settling atmosphere, void of overly aggressive undertones and promoting positive spirited music for all ages.

prioritize https://shelettestewart.com/67183-diamox-uk.html The duo’s performance experience includes some of the city’s most notable venues and institutions; ranging from Manayunk’s The Grape Room and Olde City’s Encore Nightclub to Temple University’s Hip Hop 101 class, of which invitation was extended on several occasions by attorney, professor and activist Michael Coard. When not studying and working on their craft on or off the stage, No Headliner serve as mentors to West Philadelphia Community Center’s youth and their incipient studio workshop program, under the guide of program director Jewel Felder-James.

http://www.mastergaobeer.com/51250-buy-paxil.html No Headliner claims their stake early in 2016 with a previously unreleased record from the last quarter of 2015. “Second Wind PART 2” is a Mr. 808 BANG produced record,. off his 808 LVL mixtape, that boasts a classic sound. The duo shows a lot of promise after releasing their first EP, Lingerie & Bottles: The Prologue and art looking forward to their L&B: Chaptre 1 EP coming soon.

attain http://hydrapearlwhitening.com/93964-buy-acyclovir.html Let these hefty kick-drums and soulful lyrics marinate in the meantime.


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