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Xyayx Multimedia, located in Brownsville, BK, provides services ranging from music production to video post-production. The diverse artistic and cultural backgrounds of XyayX’s highly creative and experienced production staff is reflected in the variety and quality of their services and the works they produce.

But the services does not stop there.

Since August 2016, Xyayx founder Que Butter has turned the brownstone where his recording studio resides into a one-stop hub for everything knowledgeable.

Que has created the Task Assistance Program (TAP) to help individuals with the following:
*GED classes to help adults achieve the diploma that they have not been able to receive due to life’s challenges.
*Credit repair services, where over 400 individuals had help getting their credit together to get their lives back on track.
*Home schooling for children – taught every night, parents and teachers volunteer their time to give children the opportunity to learn curriculum that is not taught in regualr schools.

“We can’t let the system educate our children,” Que says. “We can no longer allow that. We don’t like the effects of what it produces. Why do we allow our children to be tested on…they know what’s gonna happen. They are more than likely gonna get an STD, end up in jail, or not be future leaders, so why do we let the system educate out children? When you pretty much home school your children…and when you break it down it’s pretty much 3 or 4 hours a day. The hardest part about home schooling is that parents work a lot and do want their kids to be home schooled, so I allowed my space to be a place for children to learn.”

Starting tomorrow, March 23rd to the 25th, Que Butter, along with SA Neter TV & Amen-Ra Squad, will be part of the Black Empowerment Conference in Georgia, where individuals of color who own their own businesses will be able to network and learn from one another. The Conference will include a panel involving Eric Sheppard, Professor Griff and Que, himself.

Que is well on his way to creating the Urban Astronomers Club, for those in inner cities who are crazy for the stars (in the literal sense) and is planning on taking the club on the road.

Que is receiving lots of accolades from the Black community and he will continue to empower every person of color as long as they call for it.

If you would like to donate and find outmore info about the TAP Project, please visit the Xyayx Institute’s GoFundMe page.


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