Should People Be Donating Money To @MikeElChingon Who Frauds His Clients?

You have to be very careful in today’s world a lot of these so-called orgs are not really orgs at all but just people who have a PayPal account that they are willing to post anywhere and will gladly take donations and money for

Mike E:Chingo is a Twitter user who uses TweetDeck to boost his tweets and those of his closet friends he is also being accused of theft and fraud…

In today’s world with people who use their resources to fraud hard working people instead of actually making a change, you would think having clean hands would be of the utmost importance but I digress

Mike Has refused to issue refunds to his clients while taking donations for a fraudulent company he says is for the betterment of Immigrants

It is probably best not to have Twitter users accusing you of fraud and theft while trying to be a respectable org and it isn’t wise to steal from me ever in your life

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