[Single] Joshua, the MC – “Sneak” @joshdamc

Joshua da MC 23 yrs old Italian/Jamaican descent from Broward County Fl. I’ve been a student of Hip-Hop for as long as I can remember, and writing in general. I love that rap has become a blend of all of these different styles, and that more and more we’re seeing fans of rock, pop, R&B, etc. become artists that further diversify the brand. And I just want my chance to be one of those pioneers—if not of Hip-Hop in-general, then our new school, and music as a whole. This Art-form is my passion; I hope I can share that energy that drives me with others.

http://misspippilotta.com/vintage-patterns-and-career-advice-from-womens-weekly/img_4423/?share=facebook orlistat 180 mg soundcloud.com/joshuadamc
twitter @joshdamc

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