So Fresh Celebrity: Miley Cyrus Disses Beyonce: I’m ‘New Blood’ With The ‘Total Package’

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miley-cyrus-disses-beyonce-jan-2-lead Smh some people just have no chill! Miley Cyrus is back at it again, fresh off of her appearance on the “Carson Daily NYE show”with her over the top outfit. Miley is now coming for Bey’s neck with her latest comments in her new “Love” Magazine interview. Miley boasts that she is the new blood and that she’s the only white artist that could fill her slot. (Yeah that face you just made… was the same face I made when I heard that statement) Cyrus also goes on to boast that:

“I got the total package you know, the curves, the rhythm, and the voice. I’m just the best.”

Like really Miley… Really smh..

Anyway check out what else Miley had to say in the interview with Love Magazine:

“I got the total package you know, the curves, the rhythm, and the voice. I’m just the best,” she went on. It’s a big surprise that modesty isn’t exactly Miley’s thing.

However, that wasn’t all she had to say — she decided to take it a step further, bringing up Beyonce’s adorable little girl,  buy generic viagra online canada Blue Ivy.

Now That Bey’s A Mother…

“As Beyoncé grows in motherhood and all the crap it does to your body, it will create a vacuum for fresh young faces to rise up and no one else can properly fill that void right now. I’m the only white female singer that could fill that slot right now and do it right, you know?” she shockingly said in the mag.

Is Miley aware that Beyonce just released a full album and 17 music videos without any press and it broke download records and landed at No. 1 on Billboard charts — all while being a mother.

“I just feel like I was born for this time right now. I’m just the total package, you know?” she continued. “All things must start and end and I hope to have the same success as other icons in the game when my run is over. But for now, my run is just starting.”



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