So Fresh Interview: BK Brasco (@BkBrasco) Talks “18th Fl: Thompson Hotel,” Timbaland, and Brooklyn


As an artist, you often dream about having your idols recognize you and having money thrown at your from labels who all want to capitalize on your talent. But if you are BK Brasco, you know that there is way more to it than that.There is hard work, hard decisions and a lot of second chances. Now has he releases his first full EP, he is artistically sound and ready to show the world while continuing to his goal of the takeover. We talked to him and figured out who he is and why he is the New New York we have been waiting for.
Tell us about your name. Where did BK Brasco derive from?

Well BK Brooklyn and Brasco is just something my homies came up with no relationship to Donnie. I didn’t have s rap name actually, I’m still think about change it now truthfully lol Your twitter bio is interesting. You have had experiences with some some of the biggest names in the business. How did you go from LA Reid to Jay Z to Jimmy Iovine? Tell us how that path actually happened for you.
Well the LA Reid journey was because of Shakir Stewart. He signed me to group called ‘Brooklyn’ that LA was hype about. It was like a “best of both worlds” group that’s where I truly learn how to make music. Then I left group when LA left for Def Jam. I started to go in the studio with 7even, the producer & Kwame and we made some dope music & got into the hands of Jay Z’s best friend TyTy and Jay Brown. Jay Z got it and wanted to meet me and it’s like my life went crazy. Then Jimmy Iovine flew me to Los Angeles and told me “Why go with Jay Z? I can make you Jay Z & wrote a check to change my life. Jay got the power. I needed that.
As a rapper you are definitely different. You records have a certain musicality about them. Is that something you strive for with each record you make? Why?

Nah I just go with what feels good to me but my family is heavily in church,and my father would play a lot Old School music that had a lot of soul on Friday nights when I was kid so I guess that’s the feel good music I love to do.

With New York hip hop finally making a resurgence, What do you feel you bring the industry as a artist?
I’m just a Bad Boy artist with a Kanye feel,a Rick Ross bragging style with Timbaland 2014 or LL mixed in that’s the stuff I love that can help NYC we gotta have fun again. **Editor’s Note: Brasco is not signed to Bad Boy it is only a description***

Watch Brasco’s video for “Every Bag” feat.RaVaughn:

What do you feel most artists are lacking in today’s society?

They are way to serious and everybody is using the same beats to me & they don’t care. I do truly…well some artists don’t

What are your views on the current state of hip hop?

It’s weird but good but my views is mine own cause people seem to like it. But I wanna get back to that fly,feel good dope music that made Hip Hop stand out like when Hip Hop artists couldn’t walk the street and they had to shut down the mall cause they were shopping. Those superstar days,there are only few now

Your forthcoming project is “18th Floor Thompson Hotel Edition.” That name is unique. What inspired it?
18th floor is Brownsville,Brooklyn,the hood where I started doing everything that my Mom prayed I wouldn’t do. Where I lost my close friend, where drugs were sold, pimps and all they above.The Thompson hotel is the other side that is luxury to me. I’ve been to 23 countries and stayed in best hotels, flew private jets with billionaires & we picked each others brains. It’s a bridge to my life that keeps me grounded

Tell us about the sound of the album. What can we expect feature wise?

The sound is car music.It’s heavily influenced by women and it’s some fly pretty boy dope shit.. Talk your shit type of music. Feature wise I have Timbaland,Pusha T, Mario, RaVaughn and Stacy Barthe

You are working with Timbaland. What is that relationship like and has it bettered you as a artist?

Timbaland pushes me to be the best and to make great music. I wanna be one of those artist you come to see at Barclays Center or Madison Square Garden and sell them out so I gotta push myself.He’s like a big brother, but he will tell you if it’s wack.

What do you want the world to know about BK Brasco as an artist?
I want them to know I’m gonna come with those big records smashes and I’m gonna always speak to woman & represent for those cool fly dudes that’s about there doing business and making people
work hard to be that number 1 guy in Music & his shows will always be amazing & leave u with moments

Now that it is all said and done. Listen to his full offering 18th Fl:Thompson Hotel Edition

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