Why Trapa Fasa Is The King Of The Hashtag

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аct https://wcilondon.com/60827-buy-prilosec.html ‪Joseph Muhatia also known as Trapa Fasa was born in Kenya and is one of Twitter biggest social media influencer in Africa and also a professional photographer. Trapa Fasa started TrapaDrive in 2017 with the intention of helping Twitter users to gain active followers around the world. since then he has gained quite the following on the 500 million user platform.

https://mail.mya-eg.com.cp-27.webhostbox.net/31042-lipitor-price.html Not only has Trapa Fasa created a movement that encourages new and old Twitter users to get the most out of the platform.but he is using his voice to bring awareness to other social issues and create viral awareness‬ as he did when he noticed fake black Panther attack tweets on the social media network late Saturday evening.

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arrange http://www.powerhandling.com/32139-clomid-price.html Huffington Post reports “Since Thursday, numerous false reports have bubbled up on social media claiming that white viewers were physically attacked by black fans at showings of the movie. Twitter and Facebook users have been taking images from unrelated incidents and reposting them, falsely claiming that they are photos of themselves or loved ones after racially motivated attacks.

can you buy viagra in russia In one example, a Twitter user posted a photo showing the blood-covered face of a teenager who had been assaulted at a nightclub in Sweden last month, fact-checking website Snopes reports. The Twitter user, whose account has since been suspended, wrote, “i went to see #BlackPanther with my gf and a black teenager shouted ‘u at the wrong theater’ and smashed a bottle on her face.”


His post went viral and was picked up by several mainstream media outlets who then alerted the public to the fraud being committed by Twitter users who thanks to Trapa Fasa are suspended.

Its safe to say when you mean well you do well in the matters of mass appeal and with Joseph’s drive to affect the masses it looks like he is well beyond the king of the hashtag

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