Video: @1MdotTaylor featuring Pinche Mara “Smoke That Good” By on in Music

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California rapper M. Dot Taylor has teamed up with rising Mexican rapper El Pinche Mara for his debut single “Smoke That Good.” With a catchy hook and some easy listening bars, M.Dot and Mara acknowledge that sometimes, life gets crazy and all you really need to do is smoke some good weed and forget the b.s. In this colorful lyric video, you get a glimpse at the visuals that M. Dot will present as he readies his debut project.

M. Dot is legendary rapper Ice T’s flagship artist on his Final Level label. It’s easy to see why. The younger rapper has been burning up the west coast. Now he has his sights on nationwide domination. But you don’t have to believe us, just light one up and press play.

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