[Video] Mike Caesar feat. Gunplay “Boxing With My Demons”

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Mike Caesar feat. Gunplay “Boxing With My Demons” is the third video release from Mike’s critically acclaimed ep “Kingdom”. On “BWMD” Mike Caesar speaks about the many struggles he faces with bipolar disorder, heartbreak, betrayal, and suicidal thoughts. Mike’s introspective, emotional base content has built him a bit of a cult following, as fans can relate to the real life subject matter found in these types of songs. Mike’s content has earned him the alias “Davy Jones”, a fictional pirate who carved out his heart due to repeated heartbreaks and let downs. Caesar has stated that the nickname is his favorite, due to identifying with the characters flaws and struggles. In the video for “BWMD” Mike is seen hosting a therapy session, with several versions of himself, including vain, angry, and depressed personalities. These character performances help drive home the lyrics and pain found in this song. If you ever feel suicidal contact ‭1(800)-273-8255‬. Stream the full ep by clicking the link below.

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