VIDEO: @ronbeattync – “Take Your Time” (Love Triangle: Pt. 1)

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ron beatty

Ron Beatty embarks on a visual journey in “Love Triangle”, a trilogy of music videos that flow together to create a suspense filled story about the possibilities of love, friendship, and hatred.

He takes the viewer through a true-to-life experience that defines the beauty of southern-country living and also the dark side of being in the middle of an unusual tragic event.

“Love Triangle” begins with Take Your Time. It is followed up with Blessed and ends with King In A Crown.

The first video “Love Triangle” follows Ron Beatty and friends on a camping trip in North Carolina, when a wandering, distressed woman unexpectedly joins them as they partake in youthful fun one autumn night in the woods. She becomes fond of Ron’s company and hopes to keep this fresh crush a secret from her controlling boyfriend and abusive relationship.


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