Watch The Trailer For Michelle and Barack Obama Movie “South Side With You” offset By on in Film

аdjust buy arimidex uk fabricate You may think that it is far too soon for a movie about Michelle and Barack Obama, but this isn’t a movie about his presidential legacy. This is a movie about the beginning of a love story that has given us #relationshipgoals for years now.

toradol cost project “Southside With You” is a movie about Michelle and Barack Obama’s first date when he was just a summer associate at a law firm and she was his advisor.

buy lumigan uk conceive The movie, which did very well at the Sundance Film Festival, is directed by Richard Tanne and stars Tika Sumpter as Michelle and Parker Sawyers as Barack. In our opinion, it could not have been cast better.

buy Keppra online canada The film is produced by Robert Teitel, Tika Sumpter, and Richard Tanne. Executive Producers are Stuart Ford, Matt Jackson, Glendon Palmer, John Legend, Mike Jackson, Carrie Holt De Lama, and Tracey Bing. Legend also produced and performs a song from the film entitled “Start.”

Source Miramax has slated the release date for August of this year.

This will make you love the Obamas even more and miss them when they are gone.

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