We Were Once Fiends F/W ’15 Collection: As Moonlight Floods the Open Skies

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see url WW1F’s Fall collection is the urban outdoors, utilitarian, classic, and tough.

http://click.marissa-lynn.com/the-profitable-editors-kit/clkn/http/edit.marissa-lynn.com/product/the-profitable-editors-kit-discount-249?buy-now The Collection focuses on washing and finishing techniques in garment construction. The silhouette is boxy with a soft drape that falls with ease from the body.

We continue to be inspired by work-wear denim and utility fabric, and high-end street-wear.

Super 100s military wool has been added to the roster of fabrics sourced exclusively from Japan.


Using colors dark emerald green, navy, white, black and plaid. Fabrication is carefully considered for each garment and techniques include: dyeing, garment washing, overdyeing (plaid), bio and stone washing. Our custom color for this season is dark emerald green.

These signature finishing technique constitute the essences of the brand. In denim and cotton we can find a fray edges, in our jersey, it’s a CF seam.

Check out WW1F’s collection on their site.

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