West African Artist I$$A Embarks On ‘Open Your Heart’ Tour

I$$A is an American singer, songwriter, and producer born in Senegal, West Africa. I$$A grew up in Dakar – the nation’s capital which is also unique for being the westernmost point in all of Africa. His parents encouraged I$$A and his five brothers and sisters to excel in school, steering them into practical, high earning vocations like computer science and engineering. All of the kids followed the plan, except I$$A.

I$$A loved the arts, loved music, which didn’t exactly sit well with his parents since the only people who made a living singing in Senegal were beggars. But the vision I$$A had for himself was bigger than Dakar, bigger than Senegal, bigger even than West Africa. I$$A saw himself as a man of the world, making a living singing in such exotic locations as Europe and the United States. Since he was a little boy, his dream was to come to America to seek his fortune.

When asked what inspired his journey into the music and entertainment industry, I$$a reported,

“My music is a reflection of every musical style I was exposed to while growing up, which makes it very unique. In fact, I grew up speaking French, listening to American and European hip, R&B and other island styles of music. My vision is to become a musical bridge between continents as I recognize that the world is becoming smaller and connect more people like me who have been exposed to different cultures.”

Looks like the world will be seeing more and more of I$$a very soon, check out “Bambi” amd be sure to follow I$$a as he embarks on a national tour and continues to make waves with his brand and talent

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