WTF Moment Of The Day: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: NY Dude Underestimates Arizona Trucker! [Video]

Ok now being the proud New Yorker that I am, all I can do is shake my head at this one. I mean I can’t front us New Yorkers love to go OT (Out Of Town for the slow folks) and beat our chest like we can beat the world. Like we have this arrogance that because we’re from NY we are not subject to the “Fade” and that we are the supreme givers of lives. Well occasionally there comes a time when someone writes a check with their mouths, that their ass can’t cash! This was definitely one of those times; I mean this dude catches the fade so bad; that at the end of the ass whipping his struggle to regain consciousness is sad yet ironically funny. This video has just went super viral and the pic, memes, and post are crazy. (S/O to #BlackTwitter)Peep this fade and see why “Rolling Dolo From State To State” isn’t always the best thing. I’m out like dude is this video!


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