Few young artist Come with a level of talent of this girl they call Young M.A. While young, this Brooklyn Artist has charisma and talent to match attitude and a very versatile style that gives her music diversity and a very distinct voice. Her lyrics paint very vivid pictures of street life and desires of a life beyond and even love and lust come natural to her when she Spits On “Girl Friend” you can hear her telling a story of finding love and happiness in one girl. Yes she’s indeed a bold soul people living out loud and proud with no fear of judgments. Her past such as the loss of her brother in 09 as she raps on “Brooklyn-Chiraq Freestyle” is touched on in a deeper manner on a sentimental track Titled “Dear bro” Where she recalls him encouraging her and believing in her vowing to make him proud. Going On stage at Perfections and other local gentlemen clubs giving wild stage presence at the Pyramid Club in Manhattan She’s created a local and nationwide following that’s growing by leaps and bounds daily.

I rarely make predictions on one’s success, but this young woman will go very far and I want to be the first to pen and publish that. Her music doesn’t lack any element of Hip-Hop and with a variety of styles from aggressive and knowledgeable Rap to Drunk Singing and pop tinges she has unlimited potential of growth. I can’t recall being so taken by an artist on first intake before she captures your attention and holds it with the energy she exudes on her tracks like ”Actin up” and “Henny Dance” that make you want to turn up and have fun while the lyrics resonate in your mind long after tracks change. Her Mixtape which she sells independently via PayPal and emails she sends out her self and hard copies she sells at shows and appearances for 4.99 is well worth the buy, you’re not just buying a mixtape you’re giving her support as an independent artist creating a life for herself. I’m naming her “Brooklyn’s New Rose From the Concrete” because she’s taken the ugly parts of her life to motivate herself and grow into a Talent that attracts attention coast to coast when she’s on the air, a title well deserved I think.

Make sure you follow her on Instagram @HennyNHoes

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